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SRDFVV has introduced automatic student tracking system for the safety of children. Morning entry and evening exit time of students are sent to parents through SMS. Parents are expected to follow the instructions given below for smooth functioning of the system.

Registration Procedure:

    First time users:

  • Step1: Please register using Admn No., Name and DOB.
  • Step 2: Set “New password” and “Confirm password” to complete registration and view IMS portal.

    User ID and Password are case- sensitive.

    Please reach out to for any assistance.

    Please update all student related information in “Student Profile Management” page before 31st August 2018.

Login Procedure:

User ID - Please use admission number.

Password – Please use the registered password.

Facilities available:

    Parents can view important notifications and messages sent by school.

    Class assignments can be downloaded whenever it is made available. 

    Parents can update contact details of students through this portal.

    Parents can view daily and monthly attendance reports of their children.

    Parents can register their feedbacks/Queries/Complaints about IMS system.

General Instructions:

  1. Please ensure the student wears the ID card properly when entering and leaving the school premises. Students should not cover the ID cards with bags, books, belts, coats etc.,
  2. Parents should educate students to show the ID cards to the Antenna’s placed near the gates. The ID card should be visible to the antenna. ID cards should not be kept in bags and pockets.
  3. Message will not be sent if the ID card is not shown to the antenna’s correctly.
  4. If IN-time message is not received, please do not panic. This could be an one-time event due to any technical glitches.
  5. Parents should not gather around the gate during out time of the school as more people in the read zone would affect the readability of cards.
  6. First IN time and first OUT time is recorded and messages will be sent accordingly. Parents to advice students to enter and exit the school only once daily.
  7. Parents should advice children not to gather near the antenna while waiting for vans, autos or parents.
  8. Students should avoid going near the antenna’s unnecessarily during school hours or PT periods.
  9. Please register all your queries, requests and complaints in “Feedback/Suggestion” page in student\parent login.
  10. Please mail to immediately in the following cases:
  • If no messages received for continuous 3 working days.
  • If the ID card is lost or damaged.

Please avoid reaching out to administrative office or class teachers for any queries regarding student tracking system. All queries should be registered in website only.

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