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Guru Poornima

Guru Poornima is celebrated by inviting teachers from the neighboring schools and honouring them.

Poornima means, the effulgent full moon. Guru means (Gu- ignorance, Ru-destroyer) he, who removes the darkness and delusion from the heart and illumines it with the higher wisdom.

This is a sacred day. It is the day when we honour Sage Vyasa, who gave mankind the precious gem of Saguna worship (worship of God with Form) and the hope and assurance that Manava (man) can become Madhava (God), that Nara can become Narayana, that Jeeva can become Brahman or rather that Jeeva (individual soul) is Brahman (Universal soul)

Guru poornima is sacred for many reasons. This day, the seeker who suffers from identification with the false objective world is initiated into the reality of the ‘Unseen Motivator’ within him.

The Guru is the teacher who removes the fundamental ignorance, which hides the knowledge of this truth from us. The poornima or the full moon day has been fixed for revering him, for, the effect of the knowledge is to put an end to scorching agony and to shed cool comfort on the mind of man. Vyasa is reversed as Narayana Himself, for who but God can inspire such illumination?

Guest of Honour :

The Honourable Senior Teachers of the school.

Programme :

  • Veda Chanting
  • Bhajan and offering of flowers by students & staff
  • Song on Guru
  • Sloka Chanting




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